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Here's to 2023 - a HUGE year of shows. And 2024 is go!

Very humbled to say that in 2023, we were able to play in some venues that are WAY beyond what we ever imagined we might get up to as an initially totally obscure tribute band when we started in 2016.

Thank you so much to Mike and Ben in Royal Blood for their continued support and for letting us go out there and do our best tribute to them.

A huge thank you to everyone who has come down to watch us in the past year!

And thank you to all the other tribute bands we've played alongside this year, plus all the crew working at the venues who have demonstrated such a high caliber ability to produce easily the best shows we've had the privilege to be a part of in 2023.

And lastly, but also mostly, thank you to Andrew Kesby for your relentless work with us again.

2024 is another big year for us, here there and everywhere around the UK. Lots of shows already announced. Watch this space…


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